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A chilly start at Devizes camping and caravan club site.

Hay ho campers. Hope every body is ok today? I’m in Devizes camping and caravaning club site this weekend for a meet up with a friend and fellow YouTube bloke Rickvanman.
I left late on the Friday evening as I had to wait for my wife to  get home from work before I could leave. It was about 5.45 and I had a 2 hour drive to the site from where I lived, Rick had left earlier so was already there but I had a few miles to cover and it was mostly b roads with no steet lighting and I wasn’t 100% of the way. I guess I should have checked the map first!
I decided I would use my sat nav so I plotted the coarce and off I went. Allong the way I remember chatting to somebody a few days earlier about Google maps and thinking was the navigation still in beta? so I thought I would give that a go to, I set it the same destination with the same perimeters and waited to see what would happen. The trip was going well, even though I did know where I was going as far as Bath. After Bath things started to get interesting, as one sat nav was contradicting another, I decided to go with my gut, rather large and oversized but it’s usually set me in good stead, I had a quick look at the map and decided I would use that instead and I was rewarded for my forsight by getting to the site without any hickups so was pleased.
Luckelly the site office was still open and the wardens were waiting for me as the booking had been done by Rick and I wasn’t sure they would be open at 7:30.

The night was cold it went down to freezing but as I had opted for electric hookup this weekend tthis was ok and I was nice and cosy with my little heater. I settled down to a few ciders and a DVD before ritiring to bed.

The following morning was frosty but the day did look like it was on the up and blue skies were looming.

Thanks for visiting hope you have a great rest of the day. hopefully

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Peace in every step. 🙂

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YouTube has done something right at last as of 7th November 2013



Its all good back in the youtube court. Well almost!

They have a long way to go before people are going to trust them again after they have forced everyone to have a google + account just to be able to comment on videos.

Perhaps this is there way to say thankyou for putting up with all our meddlings.




Yep your right its the old player controls back again. Why did they remove them in the first place?

At least something familiar is back in town and we won’t need to complain about it 🙂

Should You Let the Cats Out of the Bag? Blogging About Family and Friends

I think I will keep my family for another blog. 🙂

The Daily Post

Once upon a time, I featured a post on Freshly Pressed  in which the author spoke very frankly about her family and their differences. I assumed that since it had been published it was fair game, and she was thrilled to be chosen…

…until her blog attracted more traffic, including family members who didn’t appreciate the notoriety (or who hadn’t realized she was writing about them at all). She asked to have the post removed, deleted much of her blog’s content, and had to patch up the remnants of some severely strained relationships.

It’s a gnarled question: where do you draw the line on what you share about family and friends in a medium that’s fundamentally about letting readers into your life?

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